Essentials garnishes every bar should have to prepare cocktails (19/05/22)

There is nothing in the world worse than seeing a delicious cocktail with all the ingredients described and you really want to try but unfortunately there aren’t some of these ingredients. Of course, you can try without the essentials garnishes but is not the same.

Pay attention to the following must have garnishes to buy it.

As everyone has experienced what I have described before, the best for the bar is not only a variety of liquors and mixers, but also, a wide range of garnishes. The proper garnish could fix or break a cocktail, being delicious or bland, so the most usual ones must be at a bar.



Are you looking for cocktail bar skewers? Here you will find a perfect combination of some of them to prepare different drinks properly. Concerning rum, the first idea that bring to your head when you see a rum cocktail ready to drink is just a lemon slide with.

But on this occasion, we are going to recommend you use the cocktail rum bites skewers that are going to give you the secret to make more tasteful this wonderful drink that most of the people love. The best combination of cassia cinnamon and dehydrated orange, spiced with cinnamon powder, that perfectly matches with any rum. Could be an ideal one in every bar.


This tasty garnish is very common and popular all over the world. It is an indispensable for everybody especially for those who really like to enjoy a sangria. Now discover the perfect complement for your sangria: Cocktail BITES Sangria combines the sweetness of orange, spiced with cinnamon, and the freshness of strawberries and raspberries.

Put some ice cubes and the selected skewer in a glass. Pour sangria or red wine. Dehydrated fruit is edible, just try and enjoy its flavor. So, if you make this mix you will have an incredible and amazing drink.

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine is one of my favorites because is very useful and easy to mix with any champagne and sparkling wine cocktail. Try BITES Sparkling Wine, the most delicious and astonishing combination of strawberry and raspberry-spiced orange.

Put some ice cubes in a glass (optional) and the selected skewer. Pour chilled sparkling wine, champagne or ice wine and serve. Dehydrated fruit is good to eat, just essay and like its taste. Exists a wide range of alcoholic drinks that perfectly matches.


The cocktail bites tequila skewers give an extra flavor to tequilas. Discover a spectacular mixture of lime, lemon, cardamom and salt. Also, the lemon twist is as cocktail garnish that’s getting incredibly well-liked, and not only for some martinis but for gin tonic, rum, and so on.

It’s relevant to remark the fact that is not only the twist try out, but you can enjoy the flavor of lemon juice in your cocktail. Put some ice cubes and the selected skewer in a glass. Pour tequila and serve. Dehydrated fruit is edible, just try and enjoy its flavor.


If you want to prepare an ideal cocktail with salt it is essential to keep reading. All you need to do it is passing a lime slide all over the glass and then in a plat with salt put the glass over there this way thanks to the lime juice the salt is adhered.

It’s unbelievable the number of cocktails that uses salt garnish, it’s a lovely ingredient. You could mix it with martini for instance, during all the year are the perfect seasons considering that make the glass sophisticated.


It’s impossible to don’t like it. Cinnamon sticks are simply succulent garnishes, with sweet drinks. They’re often in particular in Christmas-themed cocktails, so you must be sure the winter is coming to enjoy at holidays as well.



Building Your Garnish Stash

To have ready your bar at any time, keep the garnishes mentioned in stock so that way they’re prepared. Some of them have become really necessary in the alcoholic drink world, and for the reasons as I have explained. They’re tasty, elegant, sophisticated, and just delicious.

So don’t waste your time an put hands on with this amazing and tasteful cocktail bites skewers. You will see the success at your bar, restaurant, gourmet shop, or wherever you are working in. Make the difference and your customers will repeat the experience, that is sure.


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