New range of infusionsTé Tonic & SALMON GURU

Té tonic has teamed up with SALMON GURU to design a new range of customised infusions: enjoy extraordinary flavours based on refreshing blends of the best and most exotic spices and botanicals.

Do you want to try this new experience for the senses in your cocktails and gin and tonics?

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The thinking head

Diego Cabrera, one of the most recognised bartenders in the world, is the leader and creative mind of this amazing and innovative project.

Joining his partners of Twist de Naranja, some of the most successful catering businesses in Spain, as the tavern Viva Madrid and the innovation space known as Guru Lab, have been created and developed, obtaining international recognition and becoming the benchmark in the world of cocktail..

His most exciting project

One of his most exciting projects is SALMON GURU: a committed team of high-level skilled professionals who put all their knowledge and capability for creation to the service of a revolutionary innovative concept in cocktails and cuisine in which accuracy and rigour are trademark and motivation.

SALMON GURU Madrid is an innovative exclusive space, divided in four colourful experience rooms that offer the customers a new concept of cuisine, cocktails and entertainment with its own creations and gourmet products.

That’s the reason it is ranked on the 24th position of the most important cocktails bars in the world..

The new team:
Té tonic & SALMON GURU

Te Tonic shares the pillars of the SALMON GURU philosophy:strong> perseverance, tenacity, experience and wisdom. So we have decided to join this new adventure and develop a customized range of infusers for SALMON GURU:strong> amazing and extraordinary tastes based on a refreshing full of exotic flavoured mixture of spices and botanicals.

This custom-made unique universe of flavours deserves the best packaging. The colourful sleeves and cubes, designed by Juay, contains an explosion for your sense that are trademark of Te Tonic and SALMON GURU..

Discover the new range of products Té Tonic and SALMON GURU


Refreshing, exotic and slightly spiced flavour. Enjoy the wood and smoke nuances of this cocktail, perfect as an appetizer or as a night drink.

Ingredients: ginger, cardamom, mallow flower and cayenne.


Wild flowers and damp earth. These are the characteristics of this full of personality and mild flavour cocktail.

Ingredients: jasmine flower, elderflower, orange blossom and lavender.


For those who love the Mediterranean. Smooth and light, very refreshing, with a touch of menthol flavour. Exciting and astonishing.

Ingredients: hibiscus, cherry stalks, lemon grass and piperita mint.

Attractive and colourful packaging designed by JUAY

Juay. Illustrator and graphic designer, he works at Penuts & Monkeys Madrid, with clients such as: Disney, Warner, Vodafone, Mitsubishi, Molotow and Marvel. Passionate about music, streetart and technology. His skills are digital illustration, 2D animation, and graphic design. He also has experience in street art and a deep understanding of fashion and trends.

Continuously learning new tools and techniques to apply at work and to improve his art.

Video recipe of the 3 cocktails

Video recipe of the 3 cocktails, shown by their creator Diego Cabrera at Salmon Guru facilities. Available March 1st 2022.

Developed in nanopack format​

Colourful self-assembly display, 100% recycled cardboard. Capacity 15 units nanopack. 6 infuser (2×3 flavours) individually packed in a light, attractive and easy to carry format.

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