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Diego Cabrera (Argentina, 1979)

Diego Cabrera, one of the best-known and most recognized bartenders in the world, is the leader and creator of SALMON GURU, an exciting and innovative project that mixes and combines innovative cocktail techniques to distill flavors full of surprising sensations.

An integral part of Orange Twist, it has created and developed various restaurant spaces that are reaping great success both nationally and internationally, increasing its recognition and turning its brand into the maximum benchmark in the world of cocktails.

One of its most interesting and exciting projects is SALMON GURU: a team of top-level professionals who have put their knowledge and skills at the service of a revolutionary and innovative concept in cocktails and creative cuisine in which creativity and rigor are their motto and their motivation.

Diego and Te Tonic share a philosophy based on hard work, perseverance, tenacity and experience. The combination of our “savoir faire” has given rise to a collaboration that goes beyond work, together we have created a new concept in cocktails, SALMON GURU, extraordinary flavors based on refreshing mixtures of improvements and more exotic spices and botanicals.

Diego Cabrera has recently created 3 cocktails that will leave you amazed: the distillate chosen with the infusion of Te Tonic, sugar syrup and lemon juice. Easy, simple and very refreshing as an aperitif or cocktail.

You can follow him in Instagram: @diegocabrerabartender


Eduardo Ballejo (Mar del Plata, Argentina, 1985)

Born in Mar del Plata and established in Alicante for years, he has trained alongside the best in the most renowned cocktail bars in the city.

Always attentive to the trends in the world of cocktails and assiduous to the great competitions and exhibitions in the sector, Eduardo has participated on several occasions in competitions such as The International Championship World Class, the last time this year 2022 and always with very good reviews and comments for your good work.

A member of NiC, the most prestigious and oldest cocktail bar in Alicante, its creations and cocktails are known both by the most expert and by those who are gradually discovering this world of flavors and sensations.

The collaboration between Eduardo Ballejo and Te Tonic has turned out to be a success, since together we have created and developed some of the most representative flavors of the brand, such as Cocktail flavors, creating with our infusions and spices: Cosmopolitan, Margarita and Daikiri Peach.

In addition, he has participated in numerous national and international fairs, as well as private events or tasting sessions at El Corte Ingles.

You can follow him in Instagram:@edu_ballejo


Javier Martínez Silva (Madrid, 1979)

Javier’s professional career has always been linked to the large companies in the sector, being the organizer of countless events and, for some years, ambassador of leading brands such as Chivas Regal to become, for more than 7 years, Brand Ambassador of the renowned Penord Ricard and developer of its Prestige portfolio.

Javier has been and continues to be a benchmark as a Bartender of the highest prestige and professionalism, both nationally and internationally, and is well known for his participation in VIP events of the highest quality and recognition in the cocktail sector, such as Madrid Fusion and Madrid Cocktail. Week, where he has had great success.

He has been responsible for the creation of the 12 most emblematic Té Tonic cocktails in 2015, and has accompanied us at National Fairs, as well as relevant events such as Primavera Gourmet, a party we gave last 2019 on the best terrace in Madrid located on the attic floor of the Callao building in Madrid.

You can follow him in Instagram: @javiermartinez.silva @javiermartinez.silva

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