Cocktail Bites

Cocktail Bites

Cocktail Bites are skewers of dehydrated and spiced natural fruit ready to incorporate into your favorites cocktails.
In our online store you will find different bites or “snacks” to season your cocktails.

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Have you come here looking for something new for your cocktail?

Surprise your guests with the new “Bites”, a fantastic way to season and decorate your cocktail, in four different flavors for each type of drink.

We have years of experience in the sector and that is why we know how to identify the products that best match with your drink. This ensures that you only buy fully guaranteed cocktail accessories and we offer you a personalized advice regardless of your level of cocktail knowledge

Make your best cocktails thanks to the "Cocktail Bites" that we have for you

Now, the botanicals to garnish your glass, are eaten. An exquisite mouthful of natural fruit flavors and aromas of spices to prepare your favorite cocktail.
Here are some examples of our selection of BITES to enhance your drink:

For Sparkling Wines

Skewer especially suitable for a cocktail with sparkling wine, champagne or ice wine. Give your drink that special touch of flavor and character that you were looking for.

Contains dehydrated orange, freeze-dried strawberry and freeze-dried raspberry powder. It is recommended to combine with sparkling wines and serve very cold.

For Tequila

Our special “bite” for tequila. A unique way to enjoy this drink, and the perfect complement to your margarita.

Contains dehydrated lime, sea salt and ground cardamom. Ideal to combine with your tequila drink.

For Rum

A cocktail with the best rum accompanied by our orange and cinnamon flavored skewer, will take your drink to another category.

If you like the world of cocktails, our skewers will help you to decorate and complement the palette of flavors and flavours of your drinks.

Ingredients: dehydrated orange, cassia cinnamon and cinnamon powder.

For Sangria

Amaze your guests with our “cocktail bite” thought to enjoy your sangria like never before. An elegant touch and a perfect combination of orange with red fruits and cinnamon that, mixed with the sangria, results in a perfect toss.

Ingredients: dehydrated orange, freeze-dried strawberry, freeze-dried raspberry and cinnamon powder.

Skewers of fruit and spices to make unique cocktails

Our “cocktail bites” are ornaments or garnishes that decorate and enhance the flavors of drinks. We use dehydrated or freeze-dried fruits, as well as spices, which complement and balance the experience when drinking your cocktail

Use our “cocktail bites” to present creative cocktails and add a bite of taste and flavour to your drinks. The best skewers for cocktails and other combinations that will take your preparations to a higher level.

We are specialized in cocktails so you can contact us to ask any questions about it. We will be happy to put our experts at your disposal

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Savor our Cocktail Bites

A wonder of pleasure, an exquisite bite. Delicious natural fruit hydrated with the liqueur of our favorite drink. Now, your cocktails will brighten all your parties.

Do not stay with the desire and try it

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