Botanicals for Gin Tonic and cocktails

Enhance the bouquet of your preferred gin, accentuate its flavours and enjoy an astonishing extra taste on your GinTonic.

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Give a unique touch of glamour to your Gin Tonic

Try Te Tonic botanicals selection and give your cocktails and GinTonic a customized, elegant and classy note. Our experts have created a top-quality collection of selected ingredients to offer you a unique experience of flavour.

To enjoy a GinTonic is a complete experience: the most aromatic and tasteful ingredients in an elegant, handy and 100% recycling packaging. Perfect for feast and entertain your guests, perfect for becoming the best host.

The best botanicals for gin pairing

Botanicals and spices in my cocktail? Of course, yes!!!! Discover the most refreshing flavours, astonishing aromas, mild nuances and new sensations.

Try the best-known botanicals, as juniper, pepper, cinnamon, star anise or orange and also the most exotic as ginger, galanga, mint, coffee or even cocoa. Specially selected by our experts, this collection is the best complement to enhance the flavour or your preferred spirit (gin, whisky, tequila, rum…)

Fruits and berries, as apple, orange, lemon, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, elderberries… to highlight and add new flavours, aromas and nuances to your GinTonic and your cocktails.

And also try our petals and flower selection: discover the exotic aromas of the jasmine flowers, enjoy the Mediterranean spirit of the orange blossom or the wonderful colour nuances of the hibiscus and the mallow flowers. Discover new sensation in your GinTonic.

Do you know how to use botanicals to create the perfect GinTonic?

To get the maximum from your selected botanicals, we recommend to macerate on your preferred spirit. Doing this way, you will extract intense flavours and aromas and will create the best GinTonic and cocktails ever.

Juniper, Jamaican pepper, rose pepper… crush some corns and transfer their aromas and essential oils to your preferred spirit. Just macerate in the distilled, add the mixer and enjoy amazing tastes.

Cinnamon stick, cocoa, coffee … just grated as a topping or added during maceration. Just the perfect combination to create the perfect GinTonic and cocktails.

Have you already made your choice? Discover our range of selected botanicals for GinTonic and enjoy new flavours

Red berries, tasteful citrus, bittersweet cinnamon, fragrant orange blossom, sparkling and tropical notes…
Choose yours and discover unique experiences

Perfect serve

To enjoy all the aromas, flavours and colour nuances, the best option is a balloon glass, a GinTonic glass.

A chilled glass, clear rock ice cubes, your preferred gin, your own selection of botanicals, your favourite tonic poured from some height to avoid bubble breaking and a customized garnish.
And just enjoy the most refreshing and delicious GinTonic.
Top quality selected botanicals brought from all corners of the globe: from South Asia to Northern Europe, from the Mediterranean to the crops of South America… the best ingredients to offer you the most customized experience.

Join us, discover Te Tonic Botanicals selection and become an expert mixologist.

Buy your botanicals for GinTonic at the best price

Are you a distributor? Are you interested in our botanicals selection? We would like to introduce you to our wide range of botanicals and flowers for GinTonic, cocktails, vermouth and spirits.

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Perfect gift boxes and kits to become the best host ever. Honour your guests with the widest range of flavoured GinTonics and cocktails.

Discover the mixologist within.

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