Between the sheets: the perfect White rum and lemon juice cocktail

Have your heard about the Between the sheets cocktail? This is classic cocktail, with white rum and lemon juice, perfect for all occasions and with a highly addictive flavour. Follow our tips and enjoy!

With a very evocative name, this is the perfect cocktail for those who enjoy sensuality and excitement. The mixture of strong, tough liquors and the bitter sparks of the lemon juice are not suitable for all palates.

There are different versions about how this cocktail was created. The most famous one relates to Harry Machine, barman at Harry’s New York (Paris) in the early 30s and author of some books about mixology (e.g. Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails).This is a version of the Sidecar cocktail, in which the spirits are served in the same quantity.

Ingredients for the Between the Sheets cocktail

This cocktail mixes bitter and sweet notes that match with the citrus touch of the lemon juice. All the ingredients are important and have to be added and mixed properly in order to obtain refreshing and smooth flavours.

Take note of the ingredients and try:

  • 30ml (1oz.) White rum
  • 30ml (1oz.) Cognac
  • 15ml (0,5oz.) Lemon juice
  • 15ml (0,5oz.) Triple Sec

This is the standard recipe for a delicious and balanced cocktail. If you like deep note drinks, try to mix equal part for liquors; the taste will be slightly different but also extraordinary.

Natural ingredients are always the best ingredients. Get genuine citrus sparkles using freshly squeezed lemon juice. This is the best option for an irresistible citrus touch.

How to prepare a Between the Sheets cocktail

So easy… only 5 steps. Take your shaker and the ingredients, mix and enjoy.

Step 1: Shaker

Put some ice cubes in the shaker.

This cocktails has to be beaten and chilled.

Step 2: Add spirits

Pour cognac, triple sec and white rum on the shaker. Squeeze some lemons and add juice to the shaker too.

Step 3: Shaked not stirred

Vigorously shake until the content is perfectly mixed

Step 4: Chill the glass

A Martini glass is the best option, but choose your preferred one and gently chill.

Step 5: Serve

Strain the shaker content on the chilled Martini glass and garnish with a lemon zest.

Te Tonic would like to be your partner when preparing your white rum and lemon juice cocktails. Add our spices to your cocktail recipes and try new flavours and aromas. Discover new mixes and surprise your guests becoming a pro bartender.

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