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Enjoy a complete new experience and discover exotic flavours and aromas.

Discover the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle filling in your cocktails, appetizers and creative cuisine. Enjoy the exclusive Te Tonic selected collections: infusers, botanicals, flowers and petals, spiced sea salts… A new experience of subtle, aromatic and tasteful GinTonics and cocktails.

If there is a cocktail that has marked a before and after in the world of mixology, that is the Gin-tonic.

A combination that has been reborn and evolved to become the king of cocktails worldwide and that every day wins more and more fans.

There is a whole universe of different gins (some fruity, others citrus, there are rather dry, also classics …) that, with the addition of spices and botanicals brought from all corners of the world, raise the preparation of a Gin-tonic to the category of art.

If a cocktail has become a breaking point on the mixology, that’s GinTonic.

A renewed cocktail that has become the King of mixology and that, every, is chosen by more and more fans, supporters and followers.

There is an incredible range of different gins (fruity or citrus, dry, classic…) that, joining the most exotic spices and botanicals, upgrade the GinTonic to the category of a new art.

Botanicals and spices for GinTonic and cocktails

Discover our new proposals for GinTonic, cocktails and creative cuisine. Enjoy the new aromas and flavours that will astonish the most demanding experts.

Create your Perfect Gin Tonic with our Perfect Serve

Don’t be in a hurry, enjoy yourself, recreate yourself at every step… because the recipe of each combination deserves all your attention.  Squeeze every nuance that spices offer and you will get your cocktails special.

And above all, decorate, brighten up, and enhance each color because the presentation of your GinTonics must be an explosion of color as well as flavor.

The perfect marriage is obtained with a proportion of 50ml of gin and 200ml of tonic.


1. Infuse

Pour 5cl (2 oz) gin in a short glass and add the pyramid; let infuse for 2 to 6 minutes.


2. Ice

In a ballon glass, add some ice rocks.


3. Chill glass

Cool the glass, gently spinning the ice with a cocktail spoon.


4. Strain

Remove the water, using a strainer.


5. Gin

Add the infused gin from some height to oxygenate the spirit.


6. Tonic

Pour cool tonic (4-5oz.) gently and try not to burst bubbles. Use a twisted spoon.


7. Mix

ently mix, from bottom to top.


8. Garnish

Add botanicals, fruits or a twist of citrus to decorate and scent your Gin Tonic.

The best recipes with Té Tonic

The versatility of our products allows for varied recipes so you can try different things each time.
From cocktails with a special sparkle to innovative appetizers, including creative cuisine that so well blends the Mediterranean essence with traditional and modern elements.

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What is said about Te Tonic?

Have you already try Te Tonic? Not yet? The ones who have already tried have been surprised for the ease of use and the boost of flavours, aromas and tastes.

Our customers’ opinion is our real success.


José Pérez

, entusiasta

Te Tonic allows you to innovate from your home, even if you are not an  expert. With its range of infusers and botanicals you will have a wide catalogue of complements and pre-mixes that will make your cocktail hour become the perfect moment.



About the GinTonic infusers, the presentation is surprising...  for good. Also, aromas and tastes are intense and full flavoured.



We didn't know the format of the infusers to incorporate to the Gin, but since we discovered Te Tonic infusers and botanicals they have become ESSENTIAL for us for any GinTonic or Cocktai. In our opinion, your range or products is a great discovery and pleasure for the palate, and they have surprised us totally.

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