Is it vermouth time? Make your favourite cocktail at home

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What is Vermouth?

Vermouth is an alcoholic drink that has become a key element of the culture of countries such as Spain, France and Italy. Its ancient origin, its ingredients and the craftsmanship of its production are the keys to its popularity.

Vermouth is made from wine macerated in various herbs and botanicals and is usually drunk before a meal.

It is usually made with white wine, but can also be made with red wine and must always contain absinthe. Such mixtures of wine and herbs have been made for thousands of years.

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Types of vermouth

Vermouth can be divided into four main types: red, white, rosé and dry.

  • Red vermouth is the most popular in Spain, less bitter and less dry than the others. It originated in Italy. Its intense colour is due to the addition of syrup, caramel or cinnamon, and sometimes sweet wines.
  • White vermouth has citrus and vanilla notes. Its origin is French. Botanicals are added in their natural state. It may also contain ginger, cloves, cardamom or green apple.
  •  Rosé vermouth is a more recent creation. Its base is red and white wine. To be enjoyed in summer. Dry vermouth usually contains white wine, gentian, coriander and sage. It has a rough, slightly spicy taste and is the most bitter of all. Used mainly in cocktails to make mixed drinks.


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Cocktails with Vermouth.

Spiced vermouth is the ideal choice for a spiced cocktail. Wormwood is the main spice in vermouth, but other herbs and spices such as oregano, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, gentian, coriander, nutmeg and others are also used.

The choice of spices depends on personal taste and the recipe you want to prepare.

At Té Tonic, we offer a wide range of spices for amateurs and bartenders to create delicious cocktails.

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Here are five aperitif cocktails you can make at home with vermouth:

  1. The Negroni: This cocktail is a variation on the Americano, but with a gin twist. It is made with equal parts gin, red vermouth and Campari. Serve in a tall glass over ice with a slice of orange.
  2. Americano: This cocktail is made with Campari, red vermouth and soda water. Serve in a long glass over ice with a slice of orange and cinnamon cassia tonic tea.
  3. The Bourlevardier: This cocktail is a mixture of whisky or bourbon, Campari and red vermouth. It is served in an old fashioned glass with lemon and star anise.
  4. The Bronx: This cocktail is a mix of red vermouth, gin and natural orange. Served in a cocktail glass.

Find these and more vermouth recipes in our recipe section.

Enjoy these cocktails at home with your friends and family!

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