8 mistakes to avoid when preparing your gin and tonic.

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The gin and tonic has evolved and diversified, giving rise to multiple variants and combinations.preparing a gin and tonic is not as easy as it seems. There are a number of common mistakes that can ruin the taste and presentation of this popular and versatile cocktail.

That's why, in this article, we're going to show you what mistakes not to make so that you can enjoy a homemade gin and tonic as if it were prepared by a professional bartender.




Choosing a glass that is not suitable for gin and tonics

Ideally, use a balloon glass or a large wide-mouthed glass, as they allow you to better appreciate the aromas and flavours of the gin and tonic. These glasses allow you to maintain the temperature and carbonation of the cocktail for longer as they have more room for ice and botanicals.

Do not chill the glass before preparing the cocktail.

Not chilling the glass before serving the gin and tonic can cause the ice to melt faster. The cocktail loses its freshness and fizz.


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Not measuring the exact quantities

If you do not prepare the cocktail with the exact measurements, you run the risk of the preparation being too strong or too watery, obtaining a product without the necessary balance and flavour.

The ideal proportion is 1 part gin to 3 parts tonic, although this may vary according to the type of gin and personal taste. A technique often used when you don't have a measuring device is to count the seconds while pouring the gin and tonic.

Using the wrong ice

Is there such a thing as the wrong ice? There is!

Ice is an essential factor for the gin and tonic as it helps to cool and dilute the cocktail and preserve the fizz of the tonic.

Needless to say, dirty, old or smelly ice should be out of the picture. Also avoid using ice that is too small or crushed, as it will melt faster and water down the cocktail.

The ideal ice, then, is a large, clean, clear one, which you can make at home with mineral or filtered water.

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Use a room temperature tonic. Low-fizz tonic

Using a low-fizz and/or room temperature tonic can be the most fatal mistake for your gin and tonic. This will cause the cocktail to lose its freshness and effervescence.

It is important that the tonic is chilled and has enough gas to create the bubbles that characterise a gin and tonic.

Adding spices and fruits without thinking about the type of gin first

There are different types of gin and tonics: citrus, floral, spicy. You can learn about the different types of gin in this blog post.

It is advisable to match the type of gin with the spices and fruits you add to your cocktail. For example: if you choose a citrus gin, you can use Té Tonic's Yellow Citric infusion. You can get it from Té Tonic's online shop.

Getting the mix of gin and spice right is ideal so as not to ruin the taste of the cocktail by over-combining it.



Pouring the tonic carelessly

To pour the tonic correctly, you can use a twisted or normal spoon to direct the tonic over the edge of the glass, creating a layer over the gin and preventing it from falling directly onto the gin or the ice.

Not using the necessary time

Gin and tonic is a cocktail that needs your time and attention to detail. Choose the right ingredients, botanicals and spices, with the right temperature. Turn this process into a ritual so that you can enjoy a homemade cocktail as if it were prepared by a professional bartender.

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