Té Tonic is also international in the food service

At Té Tonic we are very happy and proud of our international expansion. We work hard and strive to do things right to keep our customers satisfied with our products and services.

We offer exclusive products of our brand offering added value to the customer that is specially designed and directed for the hotel and restaurant industry. Therefore, if you work in hotels, cafes or bars, our products are ideal for you. We have created a range specially designed to be prepared behind the bar, a format that adapts to the needs of catering and cocktail professionals.

As a good bartender, you must know what’s new in the world of cocktails to keep your customers very satisfied with the preparation of exquisite cocktails. And we offer a wide range of products that give it that special and distinguished touch, making a simply delicious cocktail.

Among our wide range of products, you can find a large catalog of botanicals, a wide range of infusions, we also have spiced salts for cocktails, as well as fruit and spice skewers to make unique cocktails, and the new range of tonic tea infusions & salmon guru.

We began by making our way nationally and little by little we have been expanding internationally. All thanks to food service that works for hotels, restaurants, catering, and cafeterias.

Whatever the hotel and restaurant sector you work in, you can purchase our products giving it that touch of distinction that will make you an even more expert and competent professional.

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