Enhance your appetizers and main courses with our Gourmet Spiced Sea Salt

As an innovative company, Te Tonic has a wide experience in creating new products to enhance and improve not only cocktails but also snacks and the most creative cuisine entrées.

Te Tonic introduce you one of these Gourmet products: spiced sea salts to enhance flavours and discover new sensations. Just add only a sparkle of spiced sea salt and surprise your guests with an extra twist of taste.

Forget about complicated elaborations or food preparations: it is as simple as season and sprinkle Te Tonic Spiced Sea Salt on your favourite entrées and enjoy the explosion of flavour and aromas.

Three different options, three Spiced Salts to re-discover cooking.

Enhance your appetizers and dishes thanks to our flavored gourmet salt

Tonic Tea is a company with experience in the use of spiced salts to improve meals and snacks. Gourmet products specially designed to enhance the flavor of your preparations. With a small amount you will get the twist you need to surprise everyone.

You don’t need fancy products to make an impression with your dishes, as the explosion of flavor offered by each of our spiced salts is more than enough to renew the classics or maximize the potential of creative cuisine.

Aromatic Spiced Salts for cocktails: an explosion of flavour in your cocktails

Our experts have selected flowers, petals and botanicals to create the perfect complement for your cocktails and creative cuisine.

Rosé spiced sea salt: rose petals and hibiscus flowers

If you are looking for the most elegant touch, you have already found it. This rose petals and hibiscus flower sea salt if perfect to add glamour, aroma and wonderful taste to your cocktails and cooking entrées.

Mediterranean aroma spiced sea salt: orange and Jamaican pepper

The combination of orange and Jamaican pepper is incredibly aromatic and tasty: a faithful reflection of the Mediterrean lifestyle… mild, sweet, spicy and funny.

Season your meals and discover new flavours, sprinkle on your cocktails and enjoy new sensations.

Citrus spiced sea salt: Cardamom and Lemon

The most refreshing aromas, the most incredible flavours… Sparkling notes of lemon and the mild citrus character of the cardamom seeds to enjoy a real gourmet spiced salt.

100% natural spiced sea salt
made in Alicante

Our sea salt comes from natural salt marshes located in the Spanish southeast coast, on a natural landscape of 2500hectares of salt lagoon.

A 100% natural sea salt, created by crystallization, using traditional methods and maintaining natural valuable habitats.

Te Tonic only works with local producers, so products and procedures quality are guaranted. 

Buy now your favourite Gourmet Spiced Sea Salt by Te Tonic

We only offer top quality products in order you can enhance your cocktails creations and food preparations. 

This a very versatile sea salt that perfectly fits with easy and elaborate meals, soft drinks, appetizers, cocktails…

You don’t need complicated garnishes or decorations to improve your cocktails and meals.

The explosion of new flavours you can get with these new range of spiced sea salt are the only thing you need to make the difference.

Buy your gourmet salt
aromatized in Tonic Tea

We take care of providing you with a quality product to raise the level of your preparations. It is a very versatile sea salt that adapts to practically everything, from very elaborated meals to those cocktails that increase their flavor with a pinch of nothing else.

Sometimes you don’t need big decorations to improve your creations. The quality of these spiced salts will make you a reference point when preparing drinks and dishes that nobody will forget. Our specialization in this field allows us to know the best products of the sector and we can assure that the Tonic Salt is of the highest level.

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