Infusers for GinTonic and cocktails

Shop now the newest flavours and aromas to create astonishing GinTonics and the most well-know cocktails (Cosmo, Margarita and Daikiri Peach).

Have you heard about GinTonic infuser? Are you looking for new flavours to enhance your favourite cocktails?

Try the wonderful aroma of spices, enjoy on your own or surprise your guests.

With a wide experience on the mixology market, Te Tonic team identify and select the ingredients that perfectly pair to your favourite mixers and spirits. Top quality botanicals, spices, flowers and petals to create the best cocktails… for beginners and experts.

Try Te Tonic infusers and create the best GinTonic and cocktails

Spices, teas, fruits, petals… selected ingredients in specific and exclusive blends.

Try our newest flavours and aromas:

Red Passion

Lovers of berries are in luck because they can now quickly and easily incorporate them into their favorite drink. In just a couple of minutes you will have the aroma of dried fruits of the forest and varied petals with a touch of apple. Acidity and sweetness will merge with the gin and tonic while improving the aesthetics thanks to spectacular reddish tones.

Contains strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, dried apple, hibiscus, rose hip and elderberry. It is recommended to combine with fruity gins or London Dry.

Rose Jasmine

A singular and very tasty pairing. The soft and fresh aromas of jasmine combined with fresh flowers such as hibiscus, orange blossom or rose, we recommend this infusion for London Dry or floral gins.

Ingredients: green jasmine tea, rose petals, hibiscus flower, orange blossom and dried apple.

Yellow Citric

Give a refreshing spark to your Gin Tonic with citrus and a light wild aroma with juniper and chamomile. It goes perfectly with the gins that already come spiced with pepper or cinnamon, but also with the more traditional Dry.

Ingredients: lemon peel, juniper berries, hibiscus, chamomile,

cardamom and physalis.

Orange Energy

For orange lovers, there is already a more subtle way to combine it with Gin Tonic than dipping a slice. Dehydrated orange peel and cinnamon to contrast with the taste of mint, this cocktail will take you right into the spirit of the Mediterranean. Highly recommended for spicy gins.

Ingredients: dehydrated orange peel, dehydrated lemon peel, cinnamon, mint, juniper, physalis and orange green tea and cinnamon.

Green Fresh

The already classic cucumber aroma merges here with the citrus touch of cardamom to bring freshness to your cocktail. In addition, to compensate for the lemon essence contained in the tin, we have naturally sweetened it with juniper.

Contains dehydrated cucumber, dehydrated lemon peel, lime bark, cardamom, juniper, tufts and physalis. You will get the most out of it.

White Essential

Exquisite mixture, with the bittersweet notes of the physalis flowers combined with the citrus energy of cardamom and black pepper. A perfect set that matches with sweet and mild aromas.

Ingredients: physalis, dehydrated lemon rind, juniper, black pepper, cardamom and orange blossom.

Peach & Orange

Classic Vodka Tonic cocktail: the sweet and aromatic peach joins the fragrant oranges and perfectly matches to the dry bitter flavour of Vodka.

Ingredients: peach, papaya, apple, orange rind, rosehip, sunflower petals and peach aroma.

Caribbean & Pineapple

Caribbean and tropical lifestyle for an astonishing Vodka Tonic that combines the sweetness of the pineapple and the dry bitter flavour of the Vodka.

Ingredients: pineapple, apple, mango, passion fruit, calendula and pineapple aroma.

Mojito & Lemon

Refreshing mint and peppermint Mojito with fizzy citrus nuances that turns your Vodka Tonic in a unique explosion of flavours.


Ingrediens: dehydrated lemon rind, lemon verbena, mint, peppermint, liquorice, lemon grass, rosehip and lemon aroma


Perfect balance between the acidity of the red berries and the orange and the sweetness of the apple and the flowers to re-invent the most famous Vodka cocktail.


Ingredients: orange, apple, hibiscus, elderberry, rose hip, rasberry, blackberry, blackcurrant and strawberry.


Selected citrus and flowers for an exceptional bouquet that soften the taste of your Tequila cocktail with fragrant Mediterranean aromas.

Ingredients: orange, lemon rind, calendula, camomile and cardamom.

Daikiri Peach

Tropical, refreshing and sweet mix of flowers and sour citrus for the world’s well-known Caribbean cocktails.

Ingredients: orange, lemon rind, calendula, camomile and cardamom.


Smooth and delicate mixture of flowers and petals, orange blossom and rose aromas for an astonishing Gin Tonic full of chromatic nuances.

Ingredients: mallow flowers, echium, orange blossom and rose petals.


A explosion of sweet and citrus flavours for a classic but avant-garde cocktail.

Ingredients: star anise, Jamaican pepper, dehydrated orange rind and dehydrated grapefruit rind.


Spicy ginger, enhanced with refreshing cardamom and lemon, to create a new palette of flavours on tequila.

Ingredients: dehydrated ginger, dehydrated lemon rind, lemongrass and cardamom.


The most exclusive and tropical flavour combination, a complete boost of citrus and sweet tastes.

Ingredients: hibiscus, elderberry and rosehip, dehydrated strawberry, dehydrated blackberry and dehydrated pomegrenate.

Infusers to create unique and exclusive GinTonics and cocktails

Infuser to create unique and exclusive GinTonics and cocktails

With a very short blending time, Te Tonic infusers are the key to create a cocktail full of flavours and aromas. Try the best complement for become your own mixologist.

We are experts in mixology; contact us and we will advise you about the best botanicals, flowers and infusers to create your own customized cocktails.

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