How many calories does a gin tonic have?

When you think on a gin tonic, you remind a quiet and funny moment, enjoying your preferred drink. However, some people think about the calories on it or, even, if they can fatten if take a cocktail.

This is an alcoholic based drink mixed with a sweetened soda or tonic water and, of course, it contains calories. That’s one of the reasons to be used in moderation. Here you will find some tips about this matter.

Calories on a Gin tonic: we make numbers

On a standard Gin tonic cocktail, including 25cl (8,5oz) containing 5cl (1,6oz) gin and 20cl (6,7oz) tonic water, the total calorie amount is about 190.

This amount may vary depending on the cocktail type or on the drink trademarks. Let’s take a look on your most common questions.

How many calories does the tonic water on my Gin tonic have?

We have considered, for a total of 190 calories, a standard of 72 calories. But note that each trademark has its own formula and calories related.

  • Schweppes Light: 4 calories; perfect for who is keeping an eye to their diets.
  • Berries: 64 calories, with mild notes of raspberries.
  • Macario: 68 calories; a classic one.
  • Schweppes Original: 72 calories; the most famous of tonic waters.
  • Nordic: 80 calories; the most calorie one.

You can increase or decrease the calories on your cocktails choosing the perfect tonic for your gin tonic. Try different trademarks and choose yours.

If you want to control calories intake, you don’t have to say goodbye to your preferred cocktail: light tonic waters are the perfect option for you… same flavour, less calories.

And what about gin?

If talking about the calorie content of alcoholic drinks, gin has one the highest levels, containing about 100-130 calories per 5cl (1,6oz). Rum, tequila or whisky has a lower calorie level.

Calorie level cannot be easily reduced on gins as of tonic waters, which could almost be considered calorie free. But we can look for different trademarks and varieties that contain a lower calorie level. As an example, Xoriguer contains about 104 kcal, while Tanqueray is about 130 kcal. So it is easy to check and control your alcoholic intake.

How many calories does a Gin tonic light have?

As explained, we can easily reduce the calorie content of our Gin tonic. Maybe this is not your preferred taste but, if you are keeping an eye on your diet or trying to control the calorie intake, there are different options for you.

Mixing a Schweppes Light tonic water, containing only 4 calories, and a 100 calorie gin, you can enjoy a 104 calorie cocktail; this is almost half calories than the standard gin tonic combination.


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