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Botanical notes, infusers and spices… We pair the Gin Tonic that all the people want to try.

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We melt with the Mediterranean to create a new concept on mixology: we rescue the aromatic and flavour treasures of the Mediterranean to offer a new sensory experience.

You are a spirits distributor and…

You want to extend your
product range

We offer you the possibility of surprise your customers with a premium product that has already won the most demanding palates on the gourmet sector.

You look for a
unique exclusive product

We select our partners in order to position our products on the suitable market. Our distributors enjoy total commercial exclusivity and support from our Marketing department.

You are looking for a boost
for your point of sales positioning

We know how important it’s to differentiate ourselves and, for this reason, we have taken great care with our corporate visual identity. Our cocktail products are accompanied by unique packaging and many visual elements that will delight your customers.

Te Tonic is your best partner

Te Tonic is known by the most famous bartenders around the world. But we want that passion for mixology and cocktails arrives to the ones who want to be the main actors of their gastronomic experiences. Cooking lovers, cocktail fans and adventurous… Join us and let’s captivate them.

Why to distribute Te Tonic?

Selected points of sales

Te Tonic is positioned on the most exigent national and international points of sales: El Corte Inglés (Spain), Myer (Australia), Licoteca (Venezuela), Distribuidora Isleña (Costa Rica), Magasin du Nord (Denmark), Koktelbot (Hungary), E.Leclerc (Slovenia and Croatia) and, of course, Amazon.

+15 countries distribution

Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Chile, Canada, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, USA, Australia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Spain. And, also, all around the world through the Amazon network.

Botanicals and infusers of the highest quality and unique aromas

We rescue the pure natural tastes and aromas of the best botanicals, spices, flowers and fruits to create an exquisite unique product. The most creative minds will discover The Tonic as the perfect partner to express themselves through mixology.

New trends discovering and creation

Our team is trained in design and creativity: we care details to meet the modern aesthetics. Also, our I+D+I department looks for the last gastronomic and gourmet trends to adapt them to the mixology experience.

Total exclusivity

We are interested in distributers who feel proud to our products to their customers. You will enjoy exclusivity and we will joy you on the marketing process.

Mediterranean style on your ocktails, Gin Tonic, appetizers and cooking

Our proposals for cocktails preparations could also pair with other gastronomic pieces. We get as far as your imagination can get.

Find the product range you could offer to liquor stores and shops



Bartenders and mixology experts love these ingredients. Botanicals enhance the aromas and the flavours, and selected properly, the sensory experience is amazing. Also, botanicals boost and improve gin’s notes.


Smooth, velvety, sweet, bitter… there are palate notes that can only be obtained with teas. We bring the Mediterranean lifestyle to the mixology world through our wide range of infusers.

Minipack Gin & Tonic 24 infusers and 6 aromas

Spiced sea salts

The simplicity of salt is its main virtue. Just with an easy gesture, Te Tonic spiced sea salts add a distinguishing value to your dishes, appetizers and cocktails. 

We invite you to discover all its tasteful possibilities.

And you, do want to be in?

They have trusted us and have extended their product range with Te Tonic

¿Quién está detrás de Té Tonic?

Con Té Tonic, la vida nos ha recordado lo importante que es soñar. Nuestro proyecto tiene su origen en una conversación entre amigos. Es fruto de la divagación propia de esos encuentros que se alargan y propician una charla delante de…¿un gin tonic?

Por aquel entonces, en 2012, el furor por los gin-tonics había alcanzado su máximo apogeo y jugábamos a crear nuestras propias versiones con especias que teníamos a mano. Entonces nos dimos cuenta de lo incómodo que era disfrutar de un sorbo con todas aquellas sustancias flotando. Pero, ¿y si pudiésemos crear nuestra propia receta de aderezos para ginebra y envasarla en un recipiente que tintara y diera sabor a los preparados?

Dicho y hecho. Somos un loco equipo de soñadores formado por expertos en diseño, marketing, infusiones y gastronomía. Aquel día el universo se puso de nuestro lado juntándonos a todos.

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