Enjoy the delicious cocktail Sangria

Taking into account the summer is finishing, this cold cocktail is perfect for summer days. The origin of this alcoholic drink take place in Spain and Portugal. The recipe is made up of wine, fruit pieces, soda, and sugar.


The Sangria you can find in bars, restaurants, beach bars and festivals of Spain. At the same time, this cocktail is expanded internationally, so you can find it in lots of countries. Through the ingredients if you want to decorate cocktails you can use dehydrated fruit for cocktails.

The Sangria is great to drink in any moment of the day, specially in summer. This drink has a fresh savor, sweet and exquisite. Thanks to the fruit it gives a touch of sweetness. If you want your customers are glad, they can enjoy the cocktail in company and have the drink ready one day before so increase the taste.

All you need to prepare the fresh Sangria drink

Mix all the ingredients together, so that means, the wine, the fruit pieces, the soda, and the sugar. Let rest for about one day if you have time enough for having tastier and finally serve with ice.

If your customers love wine, Sangria is the ideal cocktail for them. Is really good, soft and very succulent. The best of everything is its easy elaboration, you only have to mix the ingredients in a shaker and then add ice. Finally, in the elaboration, you can choose between the best cocktail garnishes.

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