International Gin Tonic Day: Celebrating a drink with history and evolution.

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Winston Churchill, the famous British leader, once said: "The Gin and Tonic has saved more English lives and souls than all the doctors in the Empire". This is just one example of the devotion many people feel for this classic cocktail.

But did you know that there is a special day dedicated to the Gin Tonic? 19 October is International Gin and Tonic Day, in honour of Mary Edith Keyburn, who died in 2010 at the age of 95 with her beloved gin and tonic by her side.
The history surrounding this day is as poignant as the drink itself. Keyburn's family and friends, knowing his love of gin and tonic, decided to give him one last gift. They put gin in a bottle of water and served him his favourite drink in a teacup minutes before he left.


The Gin Tonic has a rich history dating back to colonial times, when army officers of the British East India Company in India sought to make tonic, a drink used to combat tropical diseases, more palatable. They mixed sugar, lime and gin to create this refreshing cocktail.

Reasons to enjoy a gin and tonic:

  • As well as being a delicious drink, gin tonic has health benefits. It is considered to be an excellent natural digestive, ideal for relieving heartburn after a large meal as it speeds up digestion. For this reason, it is often recommended as an after dinner or large meal option.
  • The world of gin and tonic has also evolved significantly in recent years. The growing popularity of the drink has led to a revolution in gin production. You can now find gins made with natural ingredients and no chemicals. This has given Gin Tonic lovers a wide range of options to explore.


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  • A distinctive feature of modern gin tonics is the inclusion of unique ingredients. Beyond the typical slice of lemon, spices such as pink pepper and cardamom have been added to enhance the flavour of the drink. The peel of various fruits such as lime, orange and raspberry have become essential in the creation of these cocktails, adding a fresh and aromatic touch.
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