Trendy cocktails

Trendy cocktails

Do you know the cocktails that are trending this year? There are popular drinks that can help you offer a variety of options at the bar. Learn about the cocktails that are trending and serve the best options in your meetings. 

Alcohol is a very important element in different menus, national and international. You can combine it with different ingredients and aromas to obtain great tasting drinks. Making cocktails is recently considered an art and this year there are some of them that are really catching attention.

What are the cocktails that are making waves?

Bars around the world are modifying their proposals in order to offer guests even more innovative and refreshing drinks. In 2020 the proposals are more creative, making the trend go from healthy cocktails to simpler or minimalist ones, but which are still striking for their great taste.

Healthy cocktails

The use of healthy ingredients and drinks without much alcohol are one of this year's favorite cocktail trends. People are increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of their wellbeing, so they are looking for what they consume to have the most benefits for their health.

The cocktail called "Virgin Margarita" is one of the favorite non-alcoholic cocktails that combines several ingredients:

- Lemon wedges
- 4 cups of ice
- Orange juice
- Lemon juice
- Grapefruit juice
- Sugar (65gr)

Lots of bubbles: cocktails on trend

Cocktails with sparkling wines, mineralized waters and tonics with indescribable flavors are part of the 2020 trends. One of them is the "Clericot or clericó", which has the following ingredients:

- Sparkling white wine
- Peach
- Plums
- Lemon
- Cassis cream

Minimalist cocktails in fashion

This year one of the most outstanding trends is minimalism in drinks, so those with only two or three ingredients are a favorite. The "Healthy Colada" combines very few elements and is really easy to make:

- Pineapple chunks
- Coconut water
- Rum to taste

What utensils do I need to prepare them?

The best cocktails are prepared with the most innovative utensils and ingredients. For this reason in Te-tonic you have available everything you need to start making delicious and refreshing drinks. Cocktail shakers, packs, salts, spices, botanicals and party boxes with various products so you can start serving them to your guests.

Cocktails that are trendy and never go out of style

There are two cocktails that never go out of style and are becoming more and more popular. The Gin Tonic is a classic that is prepared with gin and a little water as base ingredients. Currently there are some variants that include other aromas, fruits or spices, which give it an excellent taste.

Vermouth is also part of the drinks that remain in the latest trends. Its main ingredient is vermouth, a perfect combination of spices and wine (white or red), olives and ice. There are also those who combine it with gin, orange slices or a little lemon.

Gin Tonic and Vermouth never go out of fashion because they are elegant, refreshing drinks with a light taste. They can be used for different occasions, which makes them always fashionable, and give a sophisticated touch to the events where they are served.

The cocktails that are in fashion this year are those that exploit the creativity of those who make them. They are healthy, minimalist, bubbly and some classics; so there is an option for all tastes. Have all the utensils and ingredients in your hands and dare to learn how to prepare them to enjoy them whenever you prefer.

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