Cocktail Tonic Coffee (20/09/22)

If you are a bartender, you must know what is new in cocktails.


This time we are going to talk about the new Tonic Coffee cocktail. In fact, it is so fashionable that it sweeps social networks. Of course, it is quite healthy because it does not contain alcohol.

Next, as a good bartender, we are going to explain how to prepare this delicious drink. You must know the recipe for this highly valued drink. The secret is a smooth, sweet, and caffeinated coffee that falls like a breath of fresh air on a fresh tonic.

In addition, you must add cardamom and Jamaica pepper. You will find a double result aesthetic for how beautiful it is and exquisite thanks to that special aroma that it gives to the cocktail.

The method of elaboration is as follows. You must grind the coffee and prepare an espresso. It must be considered that the taste of coffee is bitter, therefore, it is necessary to achieve a pleasant and delicate flavor. The intention is that it is neither too strong nor bitter. The secret to achieving this flavor effect is to add cadamom and Jamaica pepper.

In relation to the tonic, whatever works. However, those with flavors such as raspberry or guarana, among others, which are so popular lately, what they do is take away the flavor of the coffee. Therefore, the ideal is to choose the simplest, but that is the least bitter.

The Tonic Coffee cocktail is going to be a trend on social networks these days. Therefore, anyone who is dedicated to the hotel industry and wants to surprise their customers as well as refresh them, must know the recipe with the essential ingredients such as cardamom and Jamaica pepper.


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