We love Té Tonic, Alemania 2017-

Anuga (Cologne); the most demanding exhibition in Europe for food and drinks. Dozens of people who tried our product were enthusiastic about the concept of Te Tonic. Many thanks to all who have made this multicultural experience possible.
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HEATHROW AIRPORT, Case Mini Limited Edition

From July 1st to August 30th, if you pass by London Heathrow Airport, you will find a Limited Edition of infusions created by Tea Tonic exclusively for this event. A Gin Festival with dozens of gins at very interesting prices and a special gift to combine.

Now, olive oil is also infused

We present the latest Te Tonic launch. A pack of spices specially designed to infuse or marid olive oil. Wild thyme, basil, peppermint and pink pepper, in careful proportions for you to stick your dishes and enjoy all the Mediterranean flavor.

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A very original wedding gift

We have the perfect complement for any miniature gin that you have chosen. Floral, spicy, fruity aromas ... You can request information here.

2017, a year with plenty of new concepts

That's right, this new year we'll be launching a set of new concepts so you never stop putting spices in your life. That is our great goal, to get around a table, and continue to enjoy the best Mediterranean style.

A Specialized Offer, diversity of packs.

With more than 30 different references in packs and cases, Té Tonic bets on a product where the important thing is the experience that is generated around this one. Recipes, ideas to create and get a cocktail with a whole #explosionofflavors.