How to prepare the Perfect Gin Tonic



1. Pour 5 cl. of gin into a low glass and add the two-minute to six-minute infusion. (Blending time)
2. Add plenty of ice (in cubes).
3. Cool the drink by using a mixing spoon to turn the ice cubes, trying to cool the edges. 
4. Get rid of any water which has accumulated with the help of a strainer. 
5. Pour the infused gin at a height so that it gets oxygen. 
6. Try to ensure that the tonic is cold enough (between 4ºC and 5ºC). When pouring the tonic, you can use the help of a mixing spoon (pouring it over the spiral part) to try to avoid breaking the bubble.
7. Lightly stir from the bottom up. 
8. Add the botanical and or fruit to dress your mixed drink. 

Don't forget...

The perfect blend for the Gin and Tonic is obtained using 5cl gin or vodka to every 20cl tonic water.

Composed mainly of selected and dehydrated forest fruits. They emphasize a slight sweet taste combined with the acidity of some of them, like the hibiscus. Its high pigmentation causes a slight red color. The apple provides other sugars and the elderberry reminiscent of ripe blackberries.
Ingredients; Dehydrated apple, hibiscus, elderberry, rosehip, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. Pairing time: Between 1 and 2 minutes

Aromatize with a soft feel of jasmine combined with faint nuances of fresh flowers. Infusing the jasmine tea, we achieve a predominant higher of freshness and very special pairing. Ingredients: Hibiscus, so it slightly colors gin, dehydrated rose petals, orange blossom, jasmine green tea and dehydrated apple. It is advisable to use spicy gins to enhance all botanicals of the infusion.

Pairing time: Between 2 and 3 minutes

A dry lemon scent characterizes this infusion for Gin Tonic. Soft and delicate shades of chamomile as well as juniper sugars give Yellow citric a natural balance of wild aromas. Ingredients; lemon bark, juniper berries, chamomile, physalis, lemon scent and cardamom. If we want a pairing full of nuances we can use spicy gins, those completing their composition with cinnamon, pepper, etc. Also we can use classic or dry gins, if we want to obtain a Gin Tonic of aromas more traditional and pure.
Pairing time: Between 4 and 6 minutes

It evokes orange aromas and a certain astringent cinnamon flavor. Natural sugars from juniper berries enhances the taste of mint producing an exotic and stimulating ensemble. Ingredients: Dehydrated orange bark, dehydrated lemon rind, cinnamon sticks, mint, physalis, juniper berries and tea with orange and cinnamon. It is advisable to use spicy gins to enhance all botanicals of the infusion.
Pairing time: Between 4 and 6 minutes

It combines vegetable aromas that predominate of the cucumber with the penetrant acids of the cardamom. Its flavor is rounded with the natural sugars of juniper berries. Light lemon fragrance due to the citral, the main oil of the leaf Luisa. Ingredients of this infusion are: dehydrated cucumber, lemon rind, physalis, juniper berries, luisa leaf, and cardamom. We advise a pairing with citrus gins, those in which botanicals predominate like lemon, mandarin orange.
Tailoring time: Between 4 and 6 minutes

A slight bittersweet taste of physalis, together with the power of cardamom and black pepper, make this set of botanists one of the easiest to combine with sweet aromas. Ingredients: Physalis, lemon rind, juniper berries, black pepper, cardamom and orange blossom.
Pairing time: Between 4 and 6 minutes

The infusion of Vodka Tonic, nº 54 Peach & Orange is undoubtedly the most classic combination to make a good tonic vodka. The combination of the natural sugars of the peach and the acidity of the orange, transform by means of a round pairing to any vodka pure and dry that we use. Classic and aromatic combination for this Vodka Tonic. Ingredients: Peach, papaya, apple, orange peel, rose hips, sunflower petals and natural peach aroma.
Pairing time: Between 4 and 6 minutes

Vodka Tonic, # 72 Caribbean & Pineapple infusion is perfect for the combination with the driest vodka, its natural sugars give the combined a fruity pineapple aroma. Ingredients: Apple, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, marigold petals and natural pineapple aroma. Pairing time: Between 4 and 6 minutes

The infusion of Vodka Tonic, nº 82 Mojito & Citric allows you to create a different combination that will undoubtedly remind you of a very refreshing mojito. An intense aroma of peppermint and mint, they blend quickly into any vodka and turn it into a fanciful personalized tonic vodka. Ingredients: Lemon skin, luisa leaf, mint, peppermint, licorice root, lemon grass, rose hips and natural lemon scent.
Pairing time: Between 4 and 6 minutes



Selection of the most appropriate gins and infusions for Gin & Tonic

Next, we suggest a small list of Gins, with the infusions that best combine to create the most appropriate Gin & Tonic

  • 69 Brosses de Taronger: Orange
  • 69 Brosses d'Esbarzer: Red / Rose
  • Ampersand: White / Yellow
  • Boe Gin: Orange
  • Bayswater: White
  • Beefeater 24: Yellow
  • Bols: White / Yellow
  • Bloom: Rose
  • Blue Ribbon: White / Yellow
  • Bombay Sapphire: Yellow
  • Botanic Premium: White / Orange
  • Botanic Ultra Premium; White / Orange
  • Brocker´s: Yellow / Orange
  • Bulldog: Orange
  • Chic: Orange
  • Citadelle: White
  • Fifty Pounds: White
  • Fords: Rose
  • Gin Mare: Green / White
  • Gin Self: Orange
  • G'Vine Florassion: Rose
  • Gordons: White / Yellow
  • Haswell London Dry Gin: Yellow / White
  • Hendricks: Green
  • Ish Lond Dry: Yellow / Orange
  • Junipero: White
  • Juniper Green: White / Green
  • Larios 12: Orange
  • Larios Rose: Red
  • Level Gin: Yellow
  • Martin Miller's: White
  • Master's: White
  • Mombasa Club: Yellow
  • Monkey 47: Red
  • Nº O London Dry Gin: White o Green
  • Nº 209: Yellow
  • Nº3: White
  • Only: Rose
  • Ophir: White
  • Oxley: Rose / Yellow
  • Pink 47: Red / Rose
  • Plymouth: Red / Rose
  • Puerto de Indias: Red
  • Ricks Dry Gin: White / Yellow
  • Rives Gin Special: White
  • Rives 1880: Yellow
  • San Miguel: White o yellow
  • Santamanía: Orange
  • Seagram's: Yellow
  • Siderit: Orange
  • Sikkim Bilberry: Red
  • Tann's: Red o Rose
  • Tanqueray: Yellow
  • Tanqueray Rangpur: Yellow
  • Tanqueray Ten, infusión Yellow
  • The London Nº1: White
  • Vones: White / Green
  • William Chase extra: White / Green
  • Xoriguer; White
  • Zuidam, infusión White