Unique Celebrations with Te Tonic

Ideas for your Parties

Dress Te Tonic infusions for Gin&Tonic in your celebrations and make them even more special

It doesn't matter if you celebrate your birthday, a dinner with friends, a barbecue, a meeting, an event or even your wedding. Surprise your guests with the best Gin & Tonics. In Te Tonic you will find a great variety of infusions for Gin&Tonic, Vodka, botanicals and dressings to make your Gin & Tonics unforgettable.

Surprise your guests! Prepare the perfect Gin & Tonic with 24 infusions for Gin & Tonic and Vodka & Tonic. In the Party Box you will find 24 special recipes from Gin & Tonic and Cocktails, as well as 8 botanicals to finish your drinks with a spectacular look and taste.

Your Celebrations with a different character

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