We introduce, the Cuba Libre

Rediscover the authentic Cuba Libre.

Rum, Cola and Té Tonic spices , essential ingredients for the best Cuba Libre.

Cinnamon Cassia with excellent aroma, slightly spicy and sweet, fresh aromas of Arabica coffee and dehydrated orange to improve the aromas of preferred rum. Now you can prepare the best Cuba Libre.

First pour 4 cl. or 5 cl. of distilled alcohol into a glass. Add the content of the monodose package and leave it to blend for 3-4 minutes so the alcohol can absorb all the natural oils. Then add ice stones and pour it into a mixer. Definitely more intensity and flavour for your long drink.

Imagine a Cuban beach enjoying the best Cuba Libre. Move your senses with Té Tonic spices, intense flavor and freshness.


Por sólo 6,95€, mejora tu Cubalibre