Té Tonic in PROWEIN Düsseldorf 2022 showing its decorate cocktails (25/05/22)

Té Tonic has been present in the last edition of the PROWEIN fair in Düsseldorf and the result has been magnificent: more than 50 international visits and interest maximum for all the professionals that have come to know us. Thanks to our dehydrated fruit for cocktails that help to decorate cocktails.

Extensive catalogue of cocktail garnish ideas

As part of the Valencian Community delegation, and by the most well-known producers and wine distributors and spirit drinks of the world, we have had the opportunity to present our wide range of Gourmet products for cocktail bar and creative kitchen, receiving visitors and expositors congratulations for the great creativity and innovation of the specialized reference range. As a great resource of cocktail garnish ideas.

We are present at international level

In an international event as is PROWEIN, where the most important is the prestige and professionalism of visitors and exhibitors, we feel proud can say that our international implementation grow day after day. Our dehydrated fruit for cocktails is essentials for everyone that work in the catering.

Decorate your cocktails in a creative way

Our amazing exit in PROWEIN motivate us even more to give the best of ourselves and keep working and developing the most recent and surprising creations for cocktail bar. That help with decorate cocktails and provide new cocktail garnish ideas.



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Become a cocktail expert

The versatility of our products allows for varied recipes so you can try different things each time.
From cocktails with a special sparkle to innovative appetizers, including creative cuisine that so well blends the Mediterranean essence with traditional and modern elements.

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