Dare to try new combinations

With Té Tonic you have a world of flavors and aromas to explore. We offer you the best recipes so you can give free rein to your cocktail creativity and reimagine your favorite drinks.

Te Tonic Gin Tonics

GinTonic has become the King of mixology.

Take a look at our recipes and enjoy new astonishing and refreshing flavours.

Whisky Cocktails

Add an extra fresh and tasteful touch to your favorite Scotch. Try these new recipes and enjoy a renew flavour.

Vodka Cocktails

Surprise your guests with our new recipes for Vodka cocktails.

Gin Cocktails

Enjoy this new Gin cocktails; specially created by expert bartenders.

Tequila Cocktails

The perfect complement for your favorite Tequila. Rediscover Tequila with Te Tonic botanicals and infusers.

Ron Cocktails

Tropical notes on your palate, Caribbean flavours to enjoy your preferred rum.

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