Minipack Gin&Tonic Strawberry and Raspberry

Special edition case Gin&Tonic Strawberry and Raspeberry: Red Passion infusions and lyophilized raspberries.
The best Strawberry Gin&Tonic.

12.00 €

This special edition Gin&Tonic Strawberry and Rapsberry pack includes:

  • 6 Red Passion infusions.
  • 12 lyophilized Raspberries to garnish your GinTonic.

Mixture ingredients used for Té Tonic GinTonic infusions are 100% natural and contain no artificial food colourings, additives or artificial preservatives.

The pyramidal design of infusers provides an extraordinary marriage of all ingredients; berries in handy monodosis containing 2 units.

Keep in cool dry place. Net weight: infusions 13,5g (6uts. x 2,25g); raspberries 7,5gr (6 monodosis x 1,25g)

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