1203 / 2019 13:18

New Vermouth Pack by Te Tonic

Introducing the New Vermouth Pack by Te Tonic!

The new way to enjoy your Vermouth and surprise your friends. The Vermouth is back to stay, as a fashion appetizer. To enjoy its flavor, we recommend using a short and wide glass that allows you to collect all the aromas as well as pour plenty of ice into the rock to enjoy an excellent appetizer.

And here are some delicious recipes to enhance your vermouth even more!


Add a piece of star anise. A powerful and sweet aroma in your vermouth. You can complement it with a strip of orange.


Scratch a pinch of cinnamon cassia on the vermouth, which will bring sweetness with a slightly spicy touch. Serve next to 2 olives stick.


Add next to a piece of orange peel, half slice of tangerine, grapefruit or orange. Definitely a very citrus touch for your vermouth.