How to prepare a Lemon Gin Tonic

Among all the different Gin Tonic recipes, Gin Tonic Lemon is one of the favourites for the Gin Tonic lovers.

The combination of these both flavours, gin and lemon, is perfect. We heartily recommend this refreshing and amazing pairing.

Become the best host with this Gin Tonic. We suggest you different preparations with the recommended gins and best botanicals and garnish for the perfect cocktail.

Lime or lemon? Choose yours before starting preparation

Although they could seem quite similar, they add different nuances and flavour notes. That’s why it is important to consider the differences between lime and lemon.

Both are perfect for a fresh citrus aroma that perfectly matches with gin. Of course it depends on you and the taste you prefer: lemon has a strong sour flavour that can weaken the gin taste while lime has a more complex range of flavours.

Lemon Gin Tonic: step by step recipe

When preparing a Lemon Gin Tonic, it is important to follow some steps in order to improve your skills as bartender. Then, make your own subtle modifications for a customized recipe. These are the standard steps for the perfect serve:

# 1 Choose the perfect glass

You will success using a balloon glass or an short glass (an old fashion cocktail glass, for example). Size of these two glasses allows the gin to breathe and spread its flavours, so the aromas will be deeply present in the final result.

#2 Start adding ice cubes

Although people think the order of the elements in a cocktail will not modify the result, the truth is that it is very important. When preparing a Gin Tonic, ice cubes have to be added at the beginning of the preparation.

We recommend to use bottled water, not tap water, to avoid disgusting tastes.

#3 Use quality gin

It’s obvious: good products, good results. Always choose a good gin to get a good cocktail. It is not necessary to acquire the most expensive gin, but a quality gin will help you to create the perfect cocktail.

#4 Pour gin in a smooth way

Do not pour the gin without control.

It will create a lot of bubbles when pouring but they won’t last.

#5 Garnish with a twist

A lemon twist adds an extra refreshing touch and also a bitter note that perfectly matches with this cocktail. Pay attention to details and make your Gin Tonic cocktail attractive and appetizing.

Add spices and botanicals to your Lemon Gin Tonic

Spices and botanicals are perfect for an extra and customized, non-conventional touch to your Gin Tonic. They add new tasting notes and allow you to create different cocktails, so you will never get bored of Gin Tonic.

Te Tonic offers you the best spices and botanicals selection for cocktails garnish. Prepare the most creative cocktails with original and customized flavours and colour nuances.

Suggested Gins for a perfect Lemon  Gin Tonic

Lemon matches with all gins, but we suggest dry gins as London Dry. This kind of gins perfectly pairs with lemon mixers and citrus garnishes.



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