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Since its creation, Té Tonic has been an innovator in the Spanish cocktail market, offering new ways of approaching, preparing and presenting cocktails. Cocktail infusions are one of Té Tonic's star products, recently awarded by Salon Gourmets.
Following this award, Excelencia Gourmet conducted an interview with Toni Ruano, co-founder of Té Tonic, and we are pleased to share with you a summary of the article so that you can learn more about the brand, its intentions, the cocktail context in Spain, and much more.

Té Tonic and its beginnings:

This year, Té Tonic is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Its beginnings date back to 2013, when two gin and tonic lovers realised that when they were making a cocktail, they were putting too many things in the glass: cinnamon, juniper, cardamom... and everything was floating in it.
In the Excelencia Gourmet article, Ruano recalls how the idea of combining infusions with cocktails came about, thanks to the fact that one of the team members came from the tea industry and had the idea that instead of all the elements floating in the glass, the ingredients could be placed in a tea bag to achieve their maceration and also a neater presentation. After much experimentation, the desired result was achieved!


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Advantages of using tonic tea infusions in cocktails:

  • No elements are left floating, the final presentation of the cocktail is clean and professional.

  • The ingredients macerate with the gin at room temperature and the flavours and essential oils are extracted much better.

  • It reduces the cost of making cocktails: for the bar/restaurant sector, it allows them to calculate exactly how much it costs to make each cocktail.

  • It allows better organisation for bartenders, reducing the amount of botanicals that need to be stocked in a bar.

  • Té-Tonic Pro comes in a 100% recyclable bag, leaving no residue in the bar.

  • There is also a range of infusions for cocktail lovers, ideal for raising the level of your cocktails.


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The evolution of Té Tonic: home and professional use.

At Excelencia Gourmets, Toni Ruano explained how the company began by targeting its products at the general public. Eventually, the Té Tonic PRO line was created, which recently added a new product with all the botanicals needed for cocktails, so that it could be used in bars in restaurants, hotels and bars to offer quality cocktails at a lower cost, in a more efficient and practical way.

Spanish cocktail tradition.

The use of infusions for cocktails at home in Spain is something that still has a lot of room for growth, as it is linked to the customs of our country, where when we get together with friends we focus more on the food than on the drink. So there is a wide range of gastronomic options, but the cocktail bar itself as part of the meeting, the custom of having aperitifs before dinner, is not yet as well established as in other countries.
However, Ruano notes that there is a growing interest in gin, tequila and mezcal, and a very interesting trend is emerging: the low-alcohol cocktail, which Té Tonic is joining.

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Innovation Award from Salon Gourmets and collaboration with Diego Cabrera from Salmón Guru.

Cocktail making is a constantly evolving art, where innovation and the inclusion of natural and quality ingredients in creations are increasingly sought after. In an interview with Excelencia Gourmets, the co-founder of Té Tonic highlighted the importance of innovation in cocktails and how Té Tonic has been able to position itself as a leading brand in the market thanks to its focus on creating infusions for cocktails.
The collaboration with Diego Cabrera was a search that began when Toni Ruano met with his team and wanted to combine the talent of Salmón Gurú with the ideas of Té Tonic. It was not easy to get in touch with Cabrera, but once the contact was made, everything fell into place, culminating in the creation of the Salmón Guru range with three original cocktails: a spicy salmon pink, a very fruity and a floral and wild.
The prize for innovation in the Versatility category was awarded to Salmon Guru by Té Tonic because it is a symbiosis that gives results, at a high level, practical and efficient. Toni highlighted that the 2023 show was one of the best experiences because of the organisation, the high level of attendance and the commitment.
As we have already mentioned, Té Tónic is celebrating its 10th anniversary and this award is the start of everything the brand has prepared to celebrate this year.
Thank you Excelencia Gourmets for the space and the very interesting article!



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