Classic Cocktails (02/08/22)

Now we’re going to see the basic classic cocktails that every waiter must know how to make it. Following the instructions, you will have your customers extremely glad. So, keep reading and you will discover all the recipes of the tasty cocktails.

1 Manhattan

Considering the history of this drink, appears around the 1880s as a mix of rye whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. Nowadays many waiters change bourbon for rye, but it’s a pity because there’s nothing like the initial. Add bourbon or rye, vermouth, and bitters to a glass with ice and mix until well-chilled. You can choose a drink garnish of cherry or lemon whatever you prefer.

2 Daiquiri

The Daiquiri such a wonderful cocktail. But in fact, is a simple drink, made up with rum, syrup, and fresh lime juice, and you’ll have the most perfect cocktail. Take a shaker and combine rum, lime juice and syrup with ice, shake until very well cold. Add into a cold glass and put a garnish lime twist to decorate cocktails.

3 Whiskey Sour

Classic cocktails never die. So as a waiter make your customers happy when they choose a Whiskey Sour. The recipe appeared in 1862 in Jerry Thomas Bartender’s Guide. All you need to do it are three ingredients bourbon, lemon juice and syrup, shake it for 30 seconds without ice. And then go on with ice and shake it until well cold. Strain into a glass and finally garnish with four angostura bitters.

4 Sidecar

Sidecar cocktail is fresh, nice, and astonishing. A good waiter must know how to prepare a proper one. In this case we’re talking about a mixture of cognac, fresh lemon juice, and Cointreau. First of all, in a shaker add the mix of cognac, fresh lemon juice and Cointreau, shake it until really cold. Secondly, put into the prepared glass. Finally, the perfect garnish that matches very well is an orange twist.

5 Mojito

The classic cocktails are selected because they’re well known and extended all over the world. A Mojito drink is a Cuban combination of white rum, lime juice, muddle mint leaves, sugar and topping all with soda. It’s ideal in every party. Mix all together in a shaker the muddle mint leaves, the white rum, the lime juice, and the sugar. In a glass with ice add the liquid and top with soda. Choose the garnish you want to decorate cocktails.

6 Pimm’s

In this occasion we have a Pimm’s cocktail a delicious one taking into account that its combination of Pimm’s No 1 liqueur, lemon juice, ginger ale and any drink garnish such as cucumber, various fruits and mint. Putt Pimm’s No 1 liqueur and lemon juice into a glass with ice. Then top with ginger ale to mix. The best garnish ideas are cucumber, mint, strawberry, lemon, and orange.

7 Piña Colada

Try this amazing cocktail that come from the tropic. This fascinating flavor takes only a few minutes to be ready, and with only 5 ingredients. It’s especially indicated for summer with the hot climate you will refresh immediately. The ingredients are rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, ice, and lime juice. Mix all together in a shaker and then add in a glass. You will repeat thanks to its flavor.

8 New York Sour

Such an irresistible drink that every waiter needs to prepare with love. In fact, is a stunning and difficult cocktail. Also, I must mention that looks simply incredible with the two bright toned. The recipe is taking a cocktail shaker add bourbon, lemon juice and syrup. Then take a glass with ice and put the mix. Finally, gently pour the red wine on top of the spoon into the glass. You can choose any idea to decorate cocktails to give the touch and make it just exquisite.

9 The Classic Champagne Cocktail

From the list of classic cocktails now we must mention the Champagne Cocktail very refreshing. In case of any celebration, it will be your best drink. Any occasion of celebration is perfect to serve this cocktail, for example, New Year’s Eve drink, Christmas drink, holiday drink, celebration drink, romantic dinner drink, etc. The recipe is cut the lemon twist, put a sugar cube to the bottom of the glass and fill the glass with champagne.

10 Toronto Cocktail

What a sophisticated and simple drink to have an impact on the customers. If you like whiskey this drink is though for you. Try the Toronto cocktail and I assure you that you won’t regret it. Combine all the ingredients in a shaker, the rye whiskey, the Fernet-Branca, the angostura bitters and syrup for 30 seconds. Put into a glass use as a drink garnish orange peel and serve. 


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