Christmas gifts to decorate cocktails


Christmas is here, an ideal time to start in the world of cocktails. At Té Tonic we are fortunate to be able to offer a wide range of products precisely for those ambitious and creative bartenders who wish to either start or expand their cocktail knowledge.

We can offer everything from dehydrated fruit for cocktails, to creative cocktail garnishes to cocktail ornaments. All these very good quality products that give that touch, flavor, and distinction to drinks.

The most original gifts related to cocktails

Botanicals: These are perfect for Gin Tonic and cocktails. You can decorate cocktails in an exclusive way. We have botanical cases and kit, ready to give away. Thanks to these botanical packs you will have the possibility to experiment creating many different cocktails, while enjoying magnificent and unbeatable flavors.

Cocktail Bites: the bites consist of dehydrated fruit for cocktails, these skewers give it a simply appetizing flavor. They serve to decorate cocktails, as creative cocktail garnishes and as cocktail ornaments. They are especially indicated for sparkling wines, for tequila, for rum and for sangria.

Te Tonic Pro: especially suitable for beginner bartenders or experts who want to expand their skills with drinks. They are exquisite infusions for any type of drink, they give a simply delicious fruity and sweet flavor. We have a wide range of flavors.

Christmas is the best time to become a bartender at home or to expand your skills, improving and creating quality and different cocktails. You can give it to anyone who is professionally dedicated to catering or who you know will use it to make cocktails.

Don’t think twice and be the first among your friends to innovate and implement these creative cocktail garnishes, which give them a unique and extraordinary look and taste. You already know that they are especially suitable for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

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