• Infusion Orange by TE TONIC
  • 40 ml. of white tequila
  • 20 ml. of red vermouth
  • 30 ml. of orange juice
  • 10 ml. of sugar syrup or spoonful of sugar
  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon Cassia
  • Ice cube


  1. In a short glass infuse Orange by TE TONIC with 40 ml. of white tequila for at least 5-6 minutes
  2. On a glass on the rocks add the cube ice and pour the infused tequila
  3. Add the vermouth red and then the orange juice and the syrup of sugar or spoonful of sugar
  4. Finished with the lemon twist and cinnamon piece cassia

Construction: vaso on the rocks

Decoration: Lemon twist and cinnamon cassia