Playa Amarilla


40 ml. vodka
2 ml sugar syrup or 2 tablespoons sugar
60 ml. of passion fruit juice
Champagne or cava
Infusion 72 by TE TONIC
Ice cube
1 piece of Fruit of the Passion


On a short glass infuse the vodka with Nº72 special infusion of Vodka of Tonic Tea, during 6 or 7 minutes.
Cool the glass of the appetizer with 3 ice and pour the syrup of sugar or 2 tablespoons of sugar as well as the infused vodka
Add the passion fruit juice
Finish the combo with a small stroke of champagne or champagne
Add fruit slice of passion

Construction: on glass "on the rocks"

Decoration: Half moon of passion fruit, straws or stirrer.