Restaurants & Pubs

Your clients and friends demand new experiences.

If you would like to try Tea Tonic in your restaurant, pub or bar, you only need call us on +34 965 675 234 or send us a mail to and we will tell you where to find your nearest stockist, or how to order our gin and tonic infusions directly.

We offer menu cards for your tables, displays, cases and packaging which adapt to your needs.


Tea, coffee and delicatessen

Your clients and friends deserve refreshing innovations

Would you like to stock our Infusion Packs at your establishment? Do you want to offer new products? We can offer you discounts and a highly-demanded range of new products.

Call us on +34 965 675 234 or send an email to and we will explain how to obtain our packs from our online store or contact with our dealer in your area.

Promocional Gift

A uniquely different promotional gift.

Special packaging with a transparent blister presentation, containing 6 individually packed units in small cubes.

The Te Tonic Nanopack is designed to be given as a promotional item or gift.

  • Celebrations and weddings
  • Company conventions
  • Promotional gift
  • Customised gifts 

Contains 6 Gin and Tonic infusions, each with a different aroma. Red Passion, Rose Jasmine, Yellow Citric, Orange Energy, Green Fresh and White Essential. 
Dimensions: 21 cm x 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm 
Ask for a quote at or call + 34 965 675 234 for full information. We will adapt to your needs.

Ideas for your Wedding Gift

¿Why not a Mini Gin&Tonic?

We have the perfect complement to any miniature gin you have chosen. Aromas floral, spicy, fruity ...

You can choose from a very special Pack totally recyclable so you can celebrate your day as you deserve. Practical case, so that everyone can enjoy a Te Tonic, in the simplest way possible.

Contains 96 infusions for Gin Tonic, properly packaged in a printed mini-cube, which 6 flavors. You also have a pairing book and instructions for your Gin & Tonics to be remembered. Here's the GinTonic Party Box.

If you prefer you can just choose a single aroma, just send us an email requesting the information here.